Double Hung Vinyl Replacement Windows

double-hung-vinyl-replacement-windowsSometimes your old windows just look a bit scruffy and really don’t add anything to your property’s curb appeal.

It’s important to not only pick windows with the right style and functionality to enhance your property but windows that will serve to insulate your property too. When your windows are drafty, you could lose as much as 35% heat in your home.

However, once you actually decide that you’re ready to replace them, it can be hard to determine which window is the right one for the various rooms that need window replacement.

Vinyl comes with its own share of pros and cons, but it has remained a popular choice for many homeowners when it comes to their double-hung…


What Exactly Are Double Hung Windows?

Double-hung windows are the most common type of windows across the US, and one of the main reasons for this has to do with how easy they are to clean and maintain.

What makes them different from single-hung windows is how they open.

Double-hung allows you to open each sash, not just the bottom one, allowing you to regulate the airflow.

The Pros and Cons of Double-Hung Windows

There are a lot of factors that go into choosing a new window. It’s important to get the right fit for your home based on your particular needs. If you are considering double-hung windows for your window replacement project, be aware of the following factors:


Variety: Because double-hung window replacements are so popular, they come in a wide range of colors and materials. Vinyl is the most affordable and effective as well, so you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to this type of windows.

Easy maintenance: Double-hung vinyl windows really are the hassle-free option. Both your cleaning and maintenance problems will no longer be a headache. You can clean both sashes from the inside without having to go outside, and you don’t have to get up a ladder or make use of long-handled window washers.

Affordability: Double-hung vinyl windows are generally a lower-cost option when compared to other more complex styles, and they are especially helpful when you have a lot of windows to replace. You can always opt for higher-end styles depending on your specific needs and budget.

Efficiency: Double-hung vinyl windows are extremely energy efficient with insulating properties to help regulate the temperature better inside your home. When correctly installed, you could see a positive impact on your energy bills.


double-hung-window-viewRegular maintenance: Although double-hung vinyl windows are easy to maintain when compared to single-hung or other types of windows, regular dusting is still required.  

This is essential if you want to keep them working and in good condition.

Equally, the locks and pulley mechanisms need to be lubricated to prevent stiffness or rusting.

Installations: If these windows are not professionally installed or without quality materials and accuracy, the windows will not perform up to standard.

The seal and moveable parts will break down over time, and functionality may be completely lost.

Breathing New Life with Double-Hung Windows

As we close the sash on this discussion, it’s evident that double-hung vinyl windows provide a versatile, low-maintenance, and energy-efficient solution for homeowners seeking to revamp their property’s curb appeal. Keep in mind the importance of proper installation and regular maintenance to ensure you enjoy the full benefits of your new windows for years to come.