There are lots of reasons you might need to replace the windows in your home. Perhaps you are doing a remodel and want everything to be brand new or perhaps you windows have outlived their lifespan and you are considering vinyl window replacement costs. Vinyl offers a more budget friendly and versatile option when it comes to replacement windows. However, shopping for vinyl windows can sometimes be an overwhelming process. With tons of customizable features, overall benefits, and distinctive characterises, it can be easy to get lost in the details.

What To Look For In Vinyl Windows

When considering vinyl window replacement cost you want to make sure to look for an Energy Star qualified product. This verifies that the efficiency and airtightness claims regarding the performance of potential vinyl windows have all been independently verified by the National Fenestration Ratting Council. Its equally important to carefully consider your vinyl windows warranty before you buy them. The best coverage includes a “double lifetime” warranty. This will cover any issues with the performance of your windows like condensation accumulation between the panes of glass, and if you ever decide to sell your home this type of coverage is transferable to the new owner

Other Important factors to consider

1.Who will be installing your windows ?Professional installation is by far the best way to ensure that you get the most out of your new windows. Incorrect installations are the leading cause of energy loss through your homes inefficient windows.
2.Hidden costs. Some companies who offer the lowest prices neglect to mention hidden cost including installation and other extras that make up part of the deal.
3.When comparing various vinyl windows, also be sure to look at a sample cross section of the frame if possible and ask about the thickness of the vinyl. Thicker vinyl simply means its better quality. Interior metal reinforcing rods are also used to increase frame rigidity so be sure to check.
4. Dont just pick your window based on price alone. Be sure to know your homes architecture and positioning. Think about your safety and security too. Remember that windows keep more than just the elements at bay, so do not settle for cheaper vinyl windows that will offer easy access to burglars.

Vinyl Window Replacement Average Costs


Type of Vinyl Window Average Cost
Single Hung Vinyl $100-$425
Double Hung Vinyl $150-$650
Decorative Vinyl $150 – $1050
Vinyl Awning $220-$800
Picture Vinyl $215 – $1550
Vinyl Casement $250 – $550
Vinyl Sliding $200 – $650
Vinyl Sliding $1,500 – $4575
Custom Varies

The Advantages of Vinyl Replacement Windows

Low Maintenance: One of the biggest advantages that will affect the overall vinyl replacement cost is the low maintenance required. They never need to be scraped and painted and all that is required is a bit of soap and water to clean them. Your vinyl windows wont age fast and they wont ever rust or corrode.

Spoilt For Choice: Vinyl windows come in a huge variety of styles and colours. There is a vinyl window available for every budget on the market.

Resale value: If you invest in vinyl windows your return on investment can be as high as 65%-70%. Easy to secure: Vinyl windows are easy to lock.


Mo matter how you look at it -vinyl makes a great choice for homeowners looking for replacement windows. Offering budget friendly options with incredibly low maintenance, impressive durability and superior energy efficiency, its easy to see why vinyl windows have remained so popular among homeowners.