Vinyl Storm Windows


Glass windows can prove to be catastrophic and not safe at all depending on your region. When storm winds are raging outside, vinyl storm windows can literally make the difference between losing everything you have or not.

In a storm, glass shatters into splinters and can be potentially deadly. However, vinyl storm windows, as the name suggests, have been specifically designed for this type of weather. And best of all is that your home doesn’t have to look like an underground bunker to be safe.

Why Choose Vinyl?

When comparing vinyl and fiberglass, it’s clear to see they both offer great advantages. However, vinyl is a superior insulating material and comes with its share of pros and cons, so it’s imperative to compare both and decide which one is better for you personally.

In most circumstances, vinyl it outperforms steel or aluminum too. There will be no warping and twisting that comes with wood or the rusting and corroding, one of the major drawbacks of metal windows. They also require virtually no maintenance, they come in different styles and colors, and best of all, you’ll never have to paint these windows!

Vinyl windows are extremely energy efficient, which can lower your utility bills, therefore paying for themselves in a short amount of time. 

vinyl-windows-whiteStorm windows are generally made out of two reinforced sheets, often consisting of either glass or plastic materials.

Reinforced glass windows are strong enough to endure a storm, but they are still much more expensive compared to their counterparts.

Materials such as acrylic and Plexiglas are much more affordable, and once framed with lightweight and durable materials like vinyl, they offer astounding protection against storms.

How Much Does it Cost to Install Vinyl Storm Windows?

You can expect to spend anywhere between $170 on the low end, and as much as $300 on the high end, depending on your window sizes and glass type. The cost of acrylic composites will be lower since you won’t spend as much as you would when buying reinforced glass. Most prudent homeowners will spend an average of $230 on their vinyl storm window installation.

Naturally, the cost of installation will also be a major factor that will affect the overall cost of your vinyl storm windows. Be sure to consider:

  • The condition of your existing window and how much labor will be required for the preparation of the new installation.
  • Additional fixtures may be required such as stabilizer bars and adjustable ventilation tops.
  • Warranties will vary from one company to another. Depending on what your warranty covers, it will reflect in your overall price.

How To Choose Your Window Installation Expert

While vinyl storm window installation can be a relatively straightforward process for a professional, finding the right company is part of ensuring that your window replacement project is successful.

vinyl-replacement-windows-curb-appealYour best option is to find a reputable company with an established brand by vetting them online, reading their reviews, and checking to see what type of work they have performed in your area if possible.

Also remember that some independent contractors may have a solid portfolio and can end up being more affordable, but be sure to check out their work before you commit.

Alternatively, you could get a referral. A good hardware store near you should be able to refer you to an affordable professional able to take charge of the entire process.

Compare Estimates

Never sign a contract with a window installer unless you have received at least 3 estimates from different companies. Comparing estimates is the only way to check what the current pricing trends on vinyl storm windows are in your area, and it also helps to figure out if you are being overcharged.